Last November Jill co-curated an exhibition at the Fitzrovia gallery, Whitfield Street, W.1.

"The Shape of Shadows bought together nine international artists, drawing inspiration from a rich legacy of perceptual painting and sculpture.
The 65 works illustrated the sensuous appeal of painting and sculpture – an appeal not dependent on the subject matter of the works but on how the artists inventively used their medium as a carefully shaped language.
Whether focusing on topics such as the environment, the poetic beauty of the everyday or the role objects play in influencing our human experience or resulting from a dialogue with nature or the formal and symbolic expression of the motive, the common denominator is human presence, the exquisite wonder of nature’s beauty and the joy of painting.

Artists: Caroline Atkins, Lia Hattersley, Cecilia Hedlund, Michelle Maddox, Jill Mumford, Florentina Munteanu, Eve Pettitt, Agata Smolska, Claire Venables." introduction written by Florentina Munteanu.