Gallery of work

I have a family tradition of painting that goes back two generations. My grandfather, Robert Thomas Mumford, exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy of Arts, and my father, Geoffrey Robert Mumford, exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery.


I like to paint both in oils and watercolours and have had some shows in London. I exhibit regularly in Hertfordshire with the Hertford Art Society.


I welcome commisions. Please contact me at

Orange ribbon. Oil on linen panel.
30 cms x 30 cms. £250

White composition. Still life. 
Oil on canvas panel. 30 cms x 30 cms. £250

Blue, yellow & orange. Still life.
Oil on board. 30 cm x 36 cm. £200

Tori's tall bearded iris. Oil on canvas.
66cm x 62cm. NFS. Commisions welcome.

Oil on canvas panel. 30 cm x 41 cm. £250

Florence from the Boboli Gardens.
Oil on canvas board. 50 cm x 30 cm. NFS

"Enchanted world" tall bearded iris.
Oil on canvas panel. 40cm x 50cm. £250

Fabrics. Still life.
Oil on canvas. 51cm x 41cm. £250

Green scarf. Still life.
Oil on linen panel. 30 cms x 30 cms. £250

Bee-eater & figs.
Oil on board. 34cm x 24cm. £200

Bowl, globe and paper. Still life.
Oil on canvas panel. 41 cms x 31 cms. £250

Oil on canvas. 31cm x 36cm. £250

Japanese Tree Peonies.
Oil on canvas. 30cm x 36cm. £250.

Californian mission.
Watercolour. 40cm x 30cm. £250

Oil on board. 30cm x 41cm. Sold

Morning Glory.
Oil on board. 61cm x 30.5cm. £250

Oil on panel. 20 cm x 31 cm. NFS