Gallery of work

I paint primarily in oils and am constantly inspired by nature, colour, space and form.
I have had some exhibitions in London at Kensington and Chelsea. I exhibit regularly at the Cambridge Drawing Society and at the Hertford Art Society. I am due to have an mixed artist show in London in early November.

I studied graphic design at Hornsey school of art and then worked for a year as an illustrator after leaving college. Art Director at Polydor records for three years then for many years as a self employed record cover designer working on covers for the Who, Siouxie and the Banshees, XTC and many more.

In my 30's I attended the Slade summer school and since then I have painted regularly. 
My love of painting is inspired and encouraged by two generations of artists, my father Geoffrey Robert Mumford and grandfather Robert Thomas Mumford.

I paint mostly still life trying to find good colour relationships and looking for the abstract shapes in my compositions. I am constantly inspired by colour, space and form. I paint and draw regularly from life models and practise plein air landscape painting.
I am inspired by Corot, Cezanne, Chardin and recently by artists who have studied at the Jerusalem Studio School.
I exhibit regularly with The Cambridge Drawing Society and the Hertford Art Society. I live and work in Hertfordshire.


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Victoria plums
Oil on canvas. 30cm x 30cm.

Bay leaves
Oil on panel. 30cm x 30cm.

Oil on canvas panel. 30 cm x 40 cm. 

7 apples.
Oil on canvas panel. 25.5cm x 35.5cm.

Eggbox still life.  
Oil on linen panel. 40cms x 30 cms.

Blue kettle still life.
Oil on linen. 34 cms x 34 cms. Private collection.

Oil on canvas. 41cm x 56cm. 

White bowl.

Oil on canvas panel. 30 cms x 30 cms. 

Rose onions still life.
Oil on canvas panel. 30.3 cms x 40.6 cms. 

Fruit bowl.
Oil on canvas panel. 25 cms x 30 cms. 

Bowl of apples still life. 
Oil on linen panel. 50 cm x 40 cm. 

Oil on canvas. 30cm x 30cm. 

Bee-eater & figs.
Oil on wooden panel. 34cm x 24cm.

Shell and jug.
Oil on linen panel. 31cm x 41cm. 

Morning Glory.
Oil on board. 61cm x 30.5cm. 

Californian mission.
Watercolour. 40cm x 30cm. 

Sorrento lemons
Oil on canvas. 30cm x 30cm.

Oil on canvas board. 40cms x 30 cms.

Copper bowl.  
Oil on canvas. 40cms x 50 cms.

Lemons & bayleaves. Oil on canvas panel.
31 cms x 26 cms. 

Rose Onions. Oil on linen.
28 cms x 32 cms.

Quinces blue background.
Oil on linen. 34cm x 31cm. Private collection.

Green bottle still life.
Oil on canvas. 40 cms x 40 cms. 

Oil on canvas. 36cm x 37cm.

Japanese Tree Peonies.
Oil on canvas. 30cm x 36cm. 

Conch shell. 
Oil on linen panel 30cm x 33cm. 

Bramleys still life. Oil on canvas panel.
50 cms x 40.4 cms.

Florence from the Boboli Gardens.
Oil on linen panel. 50 cm x 30 cm. Private collection.

"Enchanted world" tall bearded iris.
Oil on canvas panel. 

Tall bearded iris. Oil on canvas.
66cm x 62cm. Private collection.