Gallery of work

I paint primarily in oils and am constantly inspired by nature, colour, space and form. I have had some exhibitions in London at Kensington and Chelsea.

My education was in graphic design at Hornsey school of art. I worked as an illustrator in publishing. Three years as Art Director at Polydor records then for many years as a self employed record cover designer working on covers for the Who, Siouxie and the Banshees, XTC and many more.
My love of painting is inspired and encouraged by two generations of artists, my father and grandfather.

I live and work in Hertfordshire exhibit regularly with the Cambridge drawing society and Hertford Art Society.


I welcome commisions. Please contact me at

Blue kettle. Oil on linen.
34 cms x 34 cms. Sold.

Oil on canvas. 41cm x 56cm. £275

Oil on canvas. 34cm x 31cm. Sold.

White bowl.

Oil on canvas panel. 30 cms x 30 cms. £250

Oil on canvas. 26 cms x 31 cms. £200

Oil on linen. 31cm x 41cm. £250

Tori's tall bearded iris. Oil on canvas.
66cm x 62cm. NFS. Commisions welcome.

Yellow and turquoise.
Oil on canvas. 30 cms x 30 cms. £200

Fruit bowl.  
Oil on canvas panel. 30 cms x 30 cms. £250

Morning Glory.
Oil on board. 61cm x 30.5cm. £250

Flapjack plant. Still life.
Oil on board. 30 cm x 36 cm. £200

Florence from the Boboli Gardens.
Oil on canvas board. 50 cm x 30 cm. Sold.

Oil on panel. 20 cm x 31 cm. Sold

White composition. Still life. 
Oil on canvas panel. 30 cms x 30 cms. £200.

Green bottle. Oil on linen.
40 cms x 40 cms. £250

Quinces white background.
Oil on canvas. 31cm x 36cm. £250

Cornish jug.
Oil on canvas. 30cm x 30cm. £250.

White jug.
Oil on panel. 41 cms x 37 cms. £250

Oil on canvas. 51cm x 41cm. £250

Quinces blue background.
Oil on linen. 34cm x 31cm. Sold.

Bee-eater & figs.
Oil on wooden panel. 34cm x 24cm. £200

"Enchanted world" tall bearded iris.
Oil on canvas panel. 40cm x 50cm. £250

Oil on canvas panel. 30 cm x 41 cm. £250

Oil on board. 30cm x 41cm. Sold

Japanese Tree Peonies.
Oil on canvas. 30cm x 36cm. £250.

Californian mission.
Watercolour. 40cm x 30cm. £250

Bowl, globe and paper. Still life.
Oil on canvas panel. 41 cms x 31 cms. £250